Blogger launches mobile template

Posted by David Khoirul
One reason why blogger is not preferred by mobile internet users is because it doesn't have its light version, i.e., mobile version just like what WordPress has. But now things have changed. Blogger Draft, in its official page, announced the launch of mobile templates for blogger. The mobile template will reformat your blogs to enhance reader's viewing experience.

To activate this mobile template feature, go to Settings > Email&Mobile > Enable mobile template, then save.

Or you can also view a blogger blog in its mobile version by adding back query ?m=1. For example, if you want to view the mobile template of my blog, you can add ?m=1 at the end of my URL, so it looks like this Done!

This mobile template is still in beta version. Go to Blogger in Draft to enable the feature if you don't use the new blogger dashboard.

Happy blogging, everyone!


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