2010, the year of hackers

Posted by David Khoirul
Would it be too much if I said 2010 might go down as the year of hackers? Everything is leaked everywhere. With Julian Assange -- the former hacker and founder of controversial Wikileaks website -- publishing sensitive documents of US goverment, now it's clear that a lot of hackings have been done, and additionally, Assange's organization and raising issues have triggered hacking groups to freely perform the crime.

The Globe and Mail writes:

If the WikiLeaks dump, and the subsequent cyberattacks, have made anything clear it ’s this: 2010 belongs to hackers.

Hacking, the practice of getting your hands on computer tools, systems and documents – especially when it’s unauthorized – is nothing new: from MIT students in the 1950s to “ phreakers" who manipulated telecom systems around the globe.

But their impact has suddenly skyrocketed. Over the past decade, the digital medium in which hackers operate has become the single most important driver of cultural, commercial and geopolitical change in the world. And online, the limbs of everything from credit card companies to national security agencies lay far more unguarded than their real-world counterparts.


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