Minor eruption in mount Bromo

Posted by David Khoirul

BromoThe last time I visited Bromo was in 2006 when English Student Association (ESA) of Ronggolawe University conducted a study tour program. Bromo shot thick ash at that time and we could not go up to the top. I remember not being allowed to go up to the top by Pak Budi, my lecturer, so we just stared the mount from a desert area called lautan pasir.

Recently on Saturday, Bromo was reported to shoot some hot ash, thicker and higher than the ash that I saw in 2006, and more frequent as well. The volcano is having minor eruption, as reported by AsiaNews.

Mount Bromo, a popular tourist attraction, began rumbling earlier this month and the government issued an alert over heightened danger levels in the area on Tuesday. "Bromo has shot gray ash up to 700 metres (2 ,300 feet) into the sky this morning. It was a low-level eruption," volcanologist Agus Budianto said. The volcano also belched ash on Friday afternoon, in which it shot ash up to 500 metres.


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