Indonesians use Opera Mini to browse the internet more than computers

Posted by David Khoirul
I can't help myself recommending Opera Mini when it comes to mobile browsers. Opera Mini has been one of the fastest, simplest and most dynamic mobile internet browsers, and has been my favorite since 2006 -- when it first introduced its lowest version, Opera Mini v 3.

As mobile internet becomes popular, Opera Mini starts to improve its performance, by adding more useful features and fixing its page rendering. The latest version,Opera Mini 5, has enabled users to remember password, copy-paste text and open multiple tabs, features that were only previously available in desktop browsers such as Firefox.

I think this is the reason why Opera Mini is preferred and widely used, especially among young people, all over the world.

Recent reports even say that people browse the internet from Opera Mini more often than PC or laptop computers. And surprisingly, Indonesia is among those countries with the biggest users, meaning that Indonesians love to surf the internet from Opera Mini on their phones.
The report from Opera Software, called the State of the Mobile Web, found that the United States, Poland, Germany and Brazil had "the highest percentage of respondents using desktop or laptop computers as the primary means of Internet access," even though those countries are ones" where smartphones are among the top handsets used."
Additionally, the report found that more than 90 percent of Generation Y Opera Mini users in the developing countries of Nigeria, South Africa, and Indonesia used handsets to browse the web more than computers. Opera noted that these countries have fewer smartphones than, say, the U.S. and Germany. It said the results present "a challenge to the long-standing belief that smartphone uptake will be the major driver of mobile web usage globally."
As for me, I use both Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mini 4. I occasionally run Bolt for better rendering. Bolt is only good for reading a web page that displays desktop themes, ajax and complex JavaScript. What's your favorite mobile browser?
via: Yahoo! News

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  1. Yes, Operamini is my favorit browser thanks for sharing :)