Arul's Rainbow and the Moon

Posted by David Khoirul

Arul chandrana  novelBaweanese writer Arul Chandrana has recently published his new novel online. The novel, titled "Pelangi dan Rembulan" or "Rainbow and the Moon" was published on his blog just a couple of weeks ago in the form of PDF, and is available free for anyone to download.

Pelangi dan Rembulan is Arul's third novel. His previous novels include science fiction "Ray dan Keluarga Toe Melawan Tiger" and mystery story of "Badai dan Malam Panjang di Bawean." This new novel seems to attract more readers. He reveveals another side of him, addressing readers more closely. With writing experience for over 15 years, Arul, whose real name is Catur Amrullah, is undoubtedly one of the best Indonesian writers, and the first published Baweanese author.

Getting a lot of influence from Iwan Simatupang's "Ziarah" and from western movies he watches, Arul possesses the style of American writers: adding humor and playing with words and rhythms while maintaining the message of the story. Click here to go to Arul's page and download "Pelangi dan Rembulan."


  1. wew! u did it again, ur summary is much more interesting than the original one. how did u do that cryelty to me? wahahahahaha. thank u bro, i'm so glad to read this post. well, i exaggerate sentence above, the fact is: the original novel is sooooooooooooooooooooo much better than all of ur writing! got it my daddy! wahahahahaha

  2. baru tw klo ada promosi online ini... :)