"The Social Network" is launched today in US

Posted by David Khoirul

The Social Network Facebook movie released USThe Social Network, a movie about giant social networking site Facebook, is released today in US. I can't wait to see it launched here in Indonesia.

The movie, which opens nationwide today, was shown to a group of reporters, analysts, executives and tech pundits in Silicon Valley this afternoon. Afterwards, All Thing D's Kara Swisher hosted a panel on "Trust, Privacy, and Ethics in the Facebook Age."

Though the David Fincher directed/Aaron Sorkin-penned production has generated lots of buzz for its depiction of Facebook's origins and its portrayal of company co- founder Mark Zuckerberg, it's as much about finding one's identity in college. It could be a hit as a date movie in the opinion of several viewers, including NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman.

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