Singer Aida Saskia claimed she had slept with preacher Zainudin MZ

Posted by David Khoirul

Aida Saskia, a woman from Bogor, West Java, revealed her secret relationship with Islamic preacher Zainuddin MZ. She claimed that Zainuddin had slept in the same room with her in a hotel when she accompanied the cleric to do his job outside the city.

Aida got acquainted with Zainuddin in a program in Bogor, where Aida served as a keyboardist and singer. As soon as the program finished, Zainuddin came to Aida and invited her to have dinner, and the relationship continued when both the preacher and the girl exchanged phone numbers. The preacher, who is known as da'i sejuta umat or cleric of a million followers, also came to Aida's house in Bogor frequently. Aida was still in senior high school at that time.

"We were so close, and he often held my hand," said Aida, "He also asked me to accompany him to do his work and to stay night, outside the town."

"My parents didn't know the relationship," Aida added.

Aida's name appeared in infotainment world back in 2001 when she released a dangdut song called Ayam Jago.

I reveal this relationship because I don't want to see more victims," said the 25-year-old girl.



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