More than 43 people were killed in Central Java train crash

Posted by David Khoirul

Train crash kills 43 people in IndonesiaIndonesia is known for its bad transportation. And yesterday, again, a transportation accident occured in the country -- a train crash in Central Java killed more than 43 people, and dozens of passengers were critically injured.

A train crash in central Indonesia killed at least 43 people and injured dozens Saturday, many of them critically, officials and witnesses said.

The toll was expected to rise with some bodies still trapped in the mangled wreckage. The accident occurred at a station in Petarukan, a city on the northern coast of Central Java province, at around 3 a.m. ( 0800 GMT; 9 p.m. EDT Friday) as many passengers were sleeping, witnesses told TVOne. A train from the capital, Jakarta, slammed into a train sitting idle near the platform, causing severe damage to both.

Cendana Banandi, a government life insurance official, told The Associated Press that by midmorning the total number of dead from three separate hospitals stood at 43.


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