Jombang gay killer Ryan will get married

Posted by David Khoirul

Ryan gay jombang pembunuh berantai menikahGay killer Ryan from Jombang, East Java, who is now facing his death in prison, is going to get married. He says his mother wants him to marry a woman.

Serial killer Verry Idham Henyansyah, better known as Ryan, who has been sentenced to death for murdering 11 people is preparing to get married -- to a woman.

The openly gay Ryan is awaiting execution at the Kesambi Penitentiary in Cirebon. He is hoping for a presidential pardon after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal.

Ryan was apprehended in 2008 and found guilty of stabbing to death a man who showed interest in his boyfriend.

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  1. well, if he is going to marry, then the woman must know that her husband won't kill her too. or, is "that" not a woman at all?