Here's the story of Facebook

Posted by David Khoirul

Story Social Network FacebookAs "The Social Network," a movie about Facebook, starts to be on cinema, many people still wonder how the real story of the site -- with 500 million users -- goes. So here's the story of 26-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder whose name becomes a slang word in US.

Kirkland House - where a curly-haired 19-year-old prodigy named Mark Zuckerberg hid out in his room for a week writing the computer code that would eventually redefine the way people interact on the Internet - is wary of threats to its sanctuary. "Do not copy or lend your key to anyone," it instructs residents. "Do not allow anyone access to the House unless you know him/her."

Ever since Zuckerberg dropped out at the end of his sophomore year, he has worked to create an online world where such rules no longer apply.

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