Evan Williams is no longer Twitter CEO

Posted by David Khoirul

Evan Williams is no longer the CEO of social network Twitter. He will pass the crown to Dick Costolo, a serial entrepreneur and company COO, as reported by The New York Times.

Williams seems to spawn revolutionary publishing platforms with the wave of a hand: Blogger.com, Twitter and, though it didn't work out as well, the podcasting platform Odeo. Costolo is best known to date for his work at Feedburner, the RSS publishing and analytics service bought and squandered by Google. RSS has been widely derided as too hard for consumers and relegated to obscurity "under the hood" - replaced even in the lives of many tech-watchers by Twitter. Costolo is uniquely fortunate to get to steer both of those ships in his career. If his past performance is any indication, his promotion should be very good for Twitter.


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