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1. What's my full name
2. About this blog
3. Why I blog in English
4. My blog and the media

I'm a mobile blogger based in East Java, Indonesia. Being a mobile blogger means writing blogs from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Starting to get acquainted with Blogspot in 2007 from a Sony Ericsson mobile browser, I want to see more people exploit cell phones for something useful; mobile blogging, in this case, can be a good alternative so your phone will work the same way as -- or even better than -- what a computer does.

I blog in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Javanese, which is my mother tongue.

What is my full name?

My very full name is Eko Khoirul Azhar David Julyanto (often Julianto or Yulianto). A very long name, indeed! To shorten that extremely long name and to make it easy to remember, I pick only two of those five words: David Khoirul. Sometimes I also use David July, though, referring to my last name, Julianto. Either you type David Khoirul or David July in Google or Bing or Yahoo, you'll find me somewhere in the internet.

About this blog

Previously under the domain name DavidKhoirul.com, my blog had been hosted on WordPress before it moved to Blogger, a service owned by Google, in August 2010 due to the account suspension by free webhosting 000space.

This weblog contains all kinds of writings ranging from unimportant diary notes, blogging tips, to serious news articles and personal opinions on both Indonesia and world current issues.

Why do I blog in English?

I am not good at writing in English. By blogging in the language I wish to improve my English writing skill. Another reason, and the most important of all, is that I want the world to hear me, something which is possible only if I blog in English.

My blog and the media

  • Kompas on Prophet drawing contest
  • Antara News on Everybody Draw Mohammed Day
  • MOLE.my (Malaysian online media) on Beyond borders: a shared cultural heritage

Visit my Javanese blog at davidjuly.blogspot.com or Indonesian blog at DAVOLOGI.


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