Tifatul Sembiring was trained for two weeks before he could use Twitter

Posted by David Khoirul

Politician Twitter Tifatul SembiringIndonesia is one of the noisiest countries when it comes to Twitter. Prominent people, like celebrities and politicians, have also taken a part in this social network, and it makes Indonesia have the largest number of Twitter users in Asia.

Our Information and Communication minister Tifatul Sembiring is among those Indonesian politicians who love tweeting. But have you already heard of the fact that, during the making of his Twitter account, he was helped by his staff member? Tifatul was also trained for two weeks before he could use Twitter.

These days, the most controversial official on Twitter may arguably be the information and communication minister, Tifatul Sembiring. The minister, who is known for his zeal in fighting pornography, opened his Twitter account, @tifsembiring, the day after he took office and has since amassed around 89,000 followers.

"I signed him up on Twitter," said Ahmad Mabruri, a staff member at the ministry. Ahmad said the decision to do so was influenced by US President Barack Obama, whose successful online campaign has inspired a number of Indonesian officials.

"We trained Tifatul for the first two weeks before he could use the service himself," Ahmad said.


  1. Seorang menteri Informasi dan Komunikasi latihan 2 minggu pake twitter? Lama amat ya...
    segaptek itukah Pak Menteri??

  2. Mungkin pak mentri tidak gaptek. Ia hanya adaptasi dg Twitter selama dua minggu, kufikir.