Javanese girl raped for 10 hours by nine drunken men

Posted by David Khoirul

drunk rape East Java IndonesaA 14-year-old girl from East Java was raped by nine men, aged from 17 to 24. They were drunk while doing the rape. The girl was given $8, and the men left her after the 10-hour rape, which started at 7 pm and finished after dawn.

Police have arrested nine men for the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old girl from Broto village in Balong subdistrict in a drunken attack that lasted for 10 hours.

Balong Police Chief Adjutant Comr. Suwito said the girl's ordeal began when she accompanied a friend, a boy identified as Anton, 17, to visit his friend, Eko, 17, in another village.

Upon arrival at Eko's home she was confronted by the group of drunken men who took her into a bedroom and began raping her, Suwito was quoted by news portal as saying.

To add insult to brutality, the alleged rapists gave the victim Rp 70,000($8) afterwards and left, leaving the bruised and battered girl to find her own way home.

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