Indonesian smoking boy totally stops the habit

Posted by David Khoirul

Indonesian smoking boy pictures images photosAldi Rizal, a two-year-old Indonesian boy who used to smoke up to two packs of cigarettes per day, finally gets rid of the bad habit. His parents said that they found it difficult whenever they tried to stop him from lighting up his cigarette, ending up angering the boy and causing him to cry. But now something has changed.

Psychologist Seto Mulyadi, who took the child into his own home as part of rehabilitation efforts, said Friday the boy has stopped asking for cigarettes. He said Aldi picked up the habit because virtually every man in his fishing village in South Sumatra province smokes.

When removed from that environment, and offered a wide range of activities, including playing and drawing, he no longer had the urge, the psychologist said.

Aldi's father gave him his first cigarette when he was just 18-months-old, relatives have said.


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