Gmail adds a priority tool box that will filter incoming emails

Posted by David Khoirul

Gmail Priority Tool BoxI always love Gmail, Google web mail service, particularly because of its fast access and its minimized ads display -- comparing to its rival Yahoo! which is often very slow. Many of my friends who used to be on Yahoo! has also moved to Gmail.

A few months ago, I was pleased with the release of Google Buzz in Gmail page, a twitter-like status update and social bookmark service. And now, again, I'm pleased to hear Gmail is adding another tool that helps filter emails with high priority, sorting them out and putting them at the top of the incoming email list.

The tool, called "priority inbox," works like a spam filter, except instead of filtering e-mails that you definitely don't want to see, it moves the ones you really want to the top. Google said the feature will help users sort through inboxes that fill up with hundreds of automated e-mails that don't need immediate attention.

"It used to be that people just wanted to separate spam from non-spam, but increasingly the non-spam has been varying in quality," said Keith Coleman, Gmail's product director. "We want to help people get through their mailboxes much more quickly and spend more time on what's really important to them."

The feature is automated, and determines whether an e-mail is important by seeing whether a user has opened or replied to e-mails like it in the past. Users can also train Gmail on which e-mails are more important than others with new "+" and "-" buttons that set priorities.


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