FPI announces its protest against gay festival

Posted by David Khoirul

FPI festival gay homoControversial weblog Kabarnet published an announcement by extremist group Islamic Defender Front (FPI) concerning the deviation campaign against homosexuality. Here's the English version of the announcement, which I quoted and translated from the bahasa version on Kabarnet:

Indonesia is not an evil country. It is a country which is based on divinity and humanity, and prioritizes religious norms. There is no place in the country for all abusive and deviating things which are against religion and democratic principles of the Republic of Indonesia.

For that reason, FPI, along with LPI Jakarta, is trying to stop sinful campaign of wrong sexual behaviors, such as homosexuality and lesbianism in Indonesia. Thus we reject "Festival Internasional Homo & Lesbi," a gay festival which is supported by Indonesian organizations -- including KONTRAS, GRAMEDIA, TIM, DKJ, LBH, KPI, and foreign liberal social groups -- and is held by the embassy of US, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Japan, and has been appored by Indonesian Communications and Information Ministry.


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