Chinese users were enthusiastic about the launch of iPhone 4

Posted by David Khoirul

iPhone 4 China launchI have never had an iPhone so far, but this tiny gadget keeps me wondering what features it has, and what makes it so special. In China, customers and iPhone lovers were gathering in the new iPhone store in the country, waiting for the launch of the new version, iPhone 4, on Saturday. Why were they so enthusiastic?

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Despite a somewhat tepid reception last year for an earlier version of the iPhone, customers in China turned out in force Saturday to try to get their hands on the latest incarnation, the iPhone 4, as it made its debut in the country.

According to various reports, more than 1,000 people mobbed the new Apple Store in Beijing's Joy City shopping mall Saturday, and carrier China Unicom said it had taken almost 50,000 preorders for the device in one day. That compares with a mere 5,000 iPhones sold last year during the first weekend that the earlier version of the gadget was available in China.

That version was 3G only, with Wi-Fi disabled because of Chinese regulations prohibiting gadgets that don't use the country's WAPI (Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure) wireless standard. The iPhone 4, however, has been made Wi-Fi-ready for the Chinese market--Apple having acquired a network access license in the country in July.

The price, too, has come down. A 16GB iPhone 4 is selling for about $743 and the 32GB version for about $ 892 without a contract at Apple Stores in China, the company said on Monday. (The phone will also be available through China Unicom with a two-year contract at prices Apple did not detail.) Last year's iPhone 3--Wi-Fi-less in China--went on sale in the country at about $732 for an 8GB model and about $1,025 for a 32GB version.


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