Candi Borobudur was built by Nabi Sulaiman

Posted by David Khoirul

Sulaiman Candi BorobudurIndonesia's Buddhist temple Candi Borobudur, in West Java, is claimed by a group of people from an Islamic university as a temple that belongs to Islam, with a number of scientific reasons and proofs.

According to this group of researchers, led by Fahmi Basha, from Syarif Hidayatullah University, the temple was built by the "genie soldiers" of Solomon or Sulayman or Nabi Sulaiman, a prophet who had control over various elements such as the wind and transportation, and who, Bible says, was a king of Israel.

The researchers had connected Borobudur with the Kraton Ratu Boko (Queen Boko's Palace) near the Hindu temple Prambanan in Central Java. They claimed that Boko was actually another name for the wife of Sulayman, Queen Balqis, who is also known, in Bahasa, as Ratu Bulqis. wrote that the researchers had supporting evidence, including new Islamic mathematical measurements which is only known to Fahmi, the inventor.

The researchers also use another method to prove the relationship between the temple and Islam, connecting Borobudur to the religion through the association of names. Sleman, the name of a town in Yogyakarta, they said, was derived from Prophet Sulayman, with the consonants "s," "l," "m," and "n" resembling the consonants in the prophet's name, while 'Java' came from the word 'Jews.'

Fahmi claimed that the only prophet whose name contained the syllable 'Su' was Sulayman, and therefore the place or the country where Sulayman had resided was later led by people -- his descendants -- with names containing the same syllable: Sukarno, Suharto, and current president, Susilo.

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  1. mengenai fenomena ini, adalah hal yang sangat menarik dan harus dibuktikan, sehingga akan terbuka jelas apakah borobudur itu peninggalan islam atau hanya karangan saja..

  2. wah really surprised if if true.....


  3. tidakkah itu terlalu memaksakan diri? maksudku, usaha2 penghubungan borobudur dg nabi sulaiman? bgmana dengan John dan Jono? apakah itu artinya Jono adlah kerabatnya John yg dari amerika? atau wartini, apakah dia turunan dr martini? atau konyol dengan david, apakah david itu kopnotasi dari konyol? wekakakakakakakaka

  4. Saya Setuju tentang pendapat tersebut....yang konyol itu yang tidak mau membuka mata hati untuk menyelidiki lebih jauh tentang pendapat tersebut...kekuasaan nabi sulaiman itu hampir meliputi seluruh bumi.....jin, hewan, iblis pun tunduk padanya