Yogyakarta mom set herself and children on fire due to $2

Posted by David Khoirul

yogyakarta ibu bakar bayi foto gambarI'm sad to know that this mom in Yogyakarta killed herself only because of $2. She owed her neighbor $2 (Rp 20,000) and could not pay back and decided to set herself and her toddlers on fire, critically injuring the three-year-old Lindu Aji and two-year-old Dwi. The Jakarta Globe has the detail:

Khoir Umi Latifah, 25, was found in the bathroom of a boarding house where she worked as a maid.

Her children, three-and-a-half-year-old Linduaji and two-and-a-half-year-old Dwi, were beside her.

Khoir died at the scene, while Linduaji died in hospital on Wednesday night. Dwi is in a critical condition.

Priya Dewa said he heard the sound of an explosion inside the bathroom and saw smoke coming from beneath the locked bathroom door, which he knocked down with the help of neighbors. "We saw them ablaze and we threw water on them," Priya told television station RCTI.

Depok Barat Police Chief Adjutant Comr. Andreas Deddi Wijaya told state news agency Antara that the children suffered third-degree burns and were currently being treated at Bethesda Hospital. "Our preliminary conclusion is that she did it out of depression from having to bear the family's economic burden but we still have to conduct an investigation to determine the real motive," Andreas said.

An empty jerry can that had been filled with gasoline and a box of matches were recovered from the scene.

"We also found a piece of letter she wrote to her husband, Slamet. She asked her husband to settle her debt to a neighbor," Andreas said.

In the letter, written in Javanese, she said, "Mas, I borrowed Rp 20,000 from mbak Turiyah. Please pay her back." Turiyah, the neighbor mentioned in the letter, said Khoir did not owe her any money.

"Yes, she had owed me Rp 20,000 but it was paid three months ago," she said.


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  2. Yeah. This woman is crazy, I think.

    Namanya Ummi. Suaminya Slamet Yahya, namun terkadang namanya dieja Slamat Jahja. Ibu ini bunuh diri. Ia membakar dirinya dan anaknya di Jogjakarta.