Flash light, thought to be an angel, flew above the Kaabah

Posted by David Khoirul

video malaikat kabah ka'bah bersinar bercahaya youtube download foto gambarWatch a video of an angel going down through Kaabah, a holy cube in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where Muslims face to when they perform prayers. The video was made in 2008 by a Pakistani guy who went for hajj.

The video, initially titled "2008 Angel," shows a flash light flying above the holy Kaabah and going down through it. On video-sharing site YouTube and social networking site Facebook, the "2008 Angel" has become a popular topic of discussion, receiving more than 5,000 views on YouTube.

Indonesian information technology expert Roy Suryo, however, explained that the light was just a lense glare effect, which often occurs when we shoot a location with a high light level, just like when we're doing a movie.

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  1. Sungguh kuasa ilahi. Tapi apa benran kalo itu malaikat yang terbang?

    Ah, aku minta ijin nyepam yah:

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