NEWSWEEK: Sri Mulyani is one of the world's most influential women

Posted by David Khoirul

Sri Mulyani NewsweekI was checking my Twitter page when I found a number of tweep friends retweeting NEWSWEEK's post, saying that Sri Mulyani, former Indonesian finance minister, was mentioned as one of the most influential women in the world.

Here's what NEWSWEEK writes about Sri Mulyani, in an interview with Daniel Stone in Washington:

Indrawati, now managing director of the World Bank, sat down with NEWSWEEK's Daniel Stone in Washington to talk about the role of women as key drivers of the recovery.

How do you view the role of women in global development?

So much research has been done showing that the woman is the most vulnerable but also the biggest strength leading to economic progress. This crisis alone is going to create an additional 50[million] to 60million poor people, which if you combine with the [global] target to reduce poverty by half by 2015, the woman alone is going to be a huge driver for many countries.

Because of their role within families?

Usually when you target [government money] for women, they're really going to use it for their children. In much of my experience, the males, when they receive government money, buy something that mostly serves their own interests. This is very generally known by many development experts as well as policymakers.


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