Mothers of Paskibraka members will report sexual harassment case to Police

Posted by David Khoirul

paskibraka seks pelecehan sex gambar foto videoThey were sexually harassed. They were just 19, and they joined the team to make their schools and parents proud. These girls, members of Jakarta's flag-raising team or Paskibraka, told their mothers about the sexual harassment, leading the case to court. A mother said Monday that she would report it to police, as reported by The Jakarta Globe.

The case came into the spotlight last week when it was alleged that three teenage girls, members of the flag-raising team known as Paskibraka, were abused by their instructors at an orientation camp in Cibubur from July 2 to 6.

The training camp consisted of 14 girls and one female instructor, herself a former flag-raiser and a member of the Association of Alumni of the Flag-Raising Teams (PPI).

The girls were allegedly ordered by the instructor to run naked from the bathroom to the dormitory on several occasions.

Lauren Nouville, a parent of one of the victims, said legal steps would be taken because the instructors had disgraced the dignity of the victims.

"I will not stop until the guilty people are kicked out of the Association of Alumni of the Flag-Raising Teams," he told news portal He expressed his disappointment with the results of a PPI investigation into the case which contradicted the testimony of the victims.

"A lot of PPI's statements (about the investigation results) are not in accordance with the facts," he said. "Case in point, PPI said the girls took off their clothes without being instructed, but in their confession, the girls said they were ordered to strip naked and walk to the bathroom." Meanwhile, Jakarta Deputy Governor Prijanto said the perpetrators suffered from a deviation.

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