Mark Boyle, the moneyless man

Posted by David Khoirul

Mark Boyle moneyless man images pictures photosMark Boyle was 29 when he started this experiment: living without money. Since november 2008, Boyle has lived in a caravan, which is parked at an organic farm near Bristol, UK. He got the caravan from Freecycle, a British organization.

In the organic farm, Boyle becomes a volunteer three days a week, making him grow his own food. He cooks using a wood-burning stove. His electricity is produced from solar panel which he bought 360 before he started the experiment.

He has a mobile phone for incoming calls only and a solar-powered laptop. Boyle, who has been vegan for six years, set up the Freeconomy in 2007, an online network that encourages people to share skills or possessions and now has 17,000 members. The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living(Oneworld Publications, 10.99) is out now.

It all started in a pub. My friend and I were talking about all the problems in the world, such as sweatshops, environmental destruction, factory farms, animal testing, wars over resources. I realised they were all, in their own way, connected to money.

I decided to give up cash. I sold my houseboat in Bristol and gave up my job at an organic food company. I made a list of everything I bought and tried to figure out which I could get in another way. For toothpaste I use a mixture of cuttlefish bone and wild fennel seeds. Things like iPods you just have to knock off the list, but birds in the trees around my kitchen have become my new iPod.

Everything takes more time and effort in a moneyless world. Handwashing my clothes in a sink of cold water, using laundry liquid made by boiling up nuts on my rocket stove, can take two hours, instead of half an hour using a washing machine.

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  1. Marck bole boile bill man who lives with no cash british. England Britol. Boylle pria hidup tanpa uang tinggal di Karavan makan minum memasak kompor. Bagaimana cerita unik berita tempo inggris