Kopi Luwak sales increase after Indonesian Ulema Council announces it to be halal

Posted by David Khoirul

foto gambar photo picture Kopi LuwakKopi Luwak (Luwak Coffee), a form of coffee bean excreted by a civet cat , has increasingly become popular in Indonesia. Some say this kind of coffee tastes good. I myself have never tried the coffee, not only because it's hard to find it in my village Blimbing, but also because it costs a lot of money just to have a cup of it.

Though the process of making Kopi Luwak involves civet cat's belly, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) does not prohibit Muslims to consume the coffee.

West Lampung district coffee dealer Wahyudi Santoso said on Monday that the discussions had had a positive impact on the industry.

"The public's response is shown at a fair in Lampung, where people wanted to know more about the coffee powder making process; the sale of the product increased by up to 70 kilograms, or more than 30 percent," he said.

(via The Jakarta Globe)


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