How to download YouTube videos to your phone

Posted by David Khoirul

Trick download videos to cell phone YouTube Vuclip opera mini images pictures photosYouTube, a US based video-sharing site, has been so popular since its first appearance in February 2005, and has been most trusted website where people can store, share and view videos. This site has even helped people become new celebrities. Let me just remind you of Sinta and Jojo, two Indonesian young females whose Keong Racun lipsync, a lipsync of a Dangdut song, topped Twitter trending topic a couple of weeks ago.

When you're on PC, you can view and download a YouTube video as easily as you make a single click on the mouse. But on the phone, it's not that easy. YouTube mobile, at, only allows you to view the videos via streaming access, which means that -- before you can enjoy your YouTube video -- your phone browser and GPRS/internet setting must support streaming connection, something that will allow you to watch movies online.

If you have problems viewing the videos streaming, you may want to use this trick -- which I created myself.

All you need to do is: Go to from Bolt browser. Here's the link of Bolt official website where you can install the Jar file, the Java application, directly to your phone. Initially released on February 16, 2009, Bolt has a better screen rendering, comparing to other mobile browsers like Opera Mini and UCWeb, and is available in English, Spanish and Russia.

Using a Vuclip service, you can search sites like YouTube, Metacafe and other video-sharing websites. For example, if you want to download the video of Sinta Jojo from YouTube, then you just need to go to from Bolt and type the keyword Sinta Jojo in its searching box and a search results page will appear. Once the video page opens, you may click either Reg for regular quality video, or Hi for high quality. Please note that the video you download will be in 3gp format.

The reason why I recommend Bolt is that because in some countries, like Indonesia, vuclip access is restricted only to certain network providers, such as Tri and Telkomsel. So rather than downloading the video, a link download on Vuclip will redirect you to a registration page, containing stupid forms.


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