British blonde and brunette lip synced to Keong Racun Bule

Posted by David Khoirul

Keong Racun Bule video foto gambarSo Keong Racun now becomes very popular. Two teenagers, likely to be british girls, lip synced to Keong Racun, a dangdut song previously lip synced by Bandung girls Sinta and Jojo. The British version of Keong Racun was uploaded yesterday afternoon, and when I checked the video on YouTube at 11:07 am today, it already got 40,383 clicks. No one knows who these girls actually are. But the uploader of the video is detected as being from UK. The five-minute-length video is titled Keong Racun Bule or "Foreign Poisonous Snail" and was done by a brunette and a blonde, about 15 years old. Curious? Watch the video:


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