Baby star spotted in space and predicted to be our next Sun

Posted by David Khoirul

bayi bintang matahari kembar gambar foto video youtubeScientists spotted a baby star. The first image of dusty disc closely encircling the massive baby star indicates that stars big and small form by the same mechanism. Silet, RCTI infotainment program, covered the issues of this baby star (bayi bintang) today, and many news sites and blogs have talked about the young star that is predicted to be the next Sun -- even bigger -- and will burn planet Earth. Wow. So scary!

This discovery, made thanks to a combination of ESO's telescopes, is described in an article in this week's issue of Nature in the website "Our observations show a disc surrounding an embryonic young, massive star, which is now fully formed," says Stefan Kraus, who led the study.

"One can say that the baby is about to hatch!" The team of astronomers looked at an object known by the cryptic name of IRAS 13481-6124.

About twenty times the mass of our Sun and five times its radius, the young central star, which is still surrounded by its pre-natal cocoon, is located in the constellation of Centaurus, about 10 000 light-years away.

From archival images obtained by the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope as well as from observations done with the APEX 12-meter submillimeter telescope, astronomers discovered the presence of a jet.

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