Baasyir refuses to be labeled terrorist

Posted by David Khoirul

foto gambar pictures images photos Abu Bakar Bashir arrestedI never agree with any form of terrorism. When I first heard the news of Bali bombing, done by a Muslim extremist in 2002, my heart broke. The reason why I was sad about the incident -- which killed 202 innocent people -- was that Islam, my religion, had been defamed by this stupid act of terrorism, and it was even more heartbreaking after I knew that the bomber, later known as Amrozi, was a young Muslim from my neighboring village in the regency of Lamongan, East Java. Thus, capturing all people involved is the best way to fight against terrorism in the country. However, it must be done wisely. If an old man like Abu Bakar Baasyir, a 71-year-old Islamic cleric who was arrested yesterday, is blamed for supporting terrorism with no strong proofs, then it will be a careless act. Or the police are just trying to look heroic?

No wonder Baasyir refused to sign the Berita Acara Penahanan (BAP). He also refused to be labeled a terrorist. Read the report from The Jakarta Post:

"Ba'asyir rejects the arrest," Ba'asyir's attorney Mahendratta said Monday, as quoted by Ba'asyir had no knowledge of accusations that he supported a paramilitary camp in Aceh, Mahendratta said, adding that it was not clear which terrorist activities Ba'asyir was allegedly involved in.

Furthermore, the terrorism law does not stipulate that paramilitary activities are illegal, Mahendratta said.


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