Sinta Jojo Keong Racun becomes trending topic on Twitter

Posted by David Khoirul

download video keong racun sinta jojo shintaSinta and Jojo, two young girls of a private university in Bandung, become popular now. Today when I checked, I found that their uploaded videos, including Dangdut song "Keong Racun" or Poisonous Snail, already reached 348,248 views. Keong Racun has also become a trending topic on Twitter. Sinta Jojo uploaded the videos last month.

DetikCom, VivaNews and, three Indonesian mainstream media, feature the two college students in their headlines. The girls are now internet celebrities.

Sinta and Jojo, who made the videos from a webcam on their laptop, did lip-syncing for a number of Indonesian songs -- the most popular one is Keong Racun, a pantura dangdut song originally performed by Lisa. Sinta and Jojo themselves are even more well-known than Lisa, the singer of the song.

Besides Keong Racun, Shinta and Jhojho also lip-synced Telepon (Telephone) and Satu Malam (One Night).

Here's the video of Keong Racun

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