Shinta Jojo now on TV

Posted by David Khoirul

Shinta Jojo youtube keong racun foto gambar downloadFinally these girls were on RCTI's intertainment program, Silet. Being students at a private university in Bandung, Shinta and Jojo never thought they would be on TV.

I watched these cute girls on Silet as soon as I posted my previous article. So I came up with an idea of writing one blog post about them here as I ate my lunch and tuned into RCTI, and I was so surprised to know that they looked so different; in their uploaded video, Keong Racun, they seem to be very cute. On TV, they look like somebody else.

Sinta and Jojo's Keong Racun or Poisonous Snail, an uploaded dangdut video of a lip-sync performance, became a trending topic on Twitter. Shinta Jojo uploaded the video last month. They have been featured in media like DetikCom and Kompas, and now in :-)

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