Krisdayanti apologizes for her two kisses with Raul Lemos

Posted by David Khoirul

Krisdayanti ciuman Raul Lemos foto gambar videoSinger Krisdayanti who showed two controversial kisses with her boyfriend, a Timor Leste businessman named Raul Lemos, now offers apology. Their kisses have been displayed in many infotainment programs and media.

"I do apologize, especially, to Indonesian mothers," said Krisdayanti today.

The kisses were seen and documented by journalists. Some were even uploaded to YouTube, a video sharing website where people can watch it for free. Here's the video.

Krisdayanti's kisses also trigger controversy on social networking sites. A Facebook group named "Say No to Krisdayanti" is being popular, insulting the diva for the attitude which is, many consider as, impolite.

KD, as she is popularly known, explained that the Wednesday kisses happened spontaneously. "It was not planned. It was an expression of a woman falling in love," said KD.


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