World's oldest woman from Tuban

Posted by David Khoirul
Dasiyem, a woman from the village of Tanggulangin, Montong, Tuban, East Java, claimed to be 165 years old. When the Tuban branch of Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) confirmed her age, however, Dasiyem could not show any birth certificates.

"We're doing further research. If we really find world's oldest person here, we will invite The Guinness Book of Records to come," said Risman, the head of BPS, as quoted by Detikcom on Tuesday.

Risman said there are a large number of people aged over 100 in Indonesia.. "Finding people whose age is above 100 is easy. It seems that the world's oldest person exists in Indonesia," said Risman.

Besides Dasiyem, another woman recorded as one of the world's oldest persons is Katemi, 145, from Dumai, Riau. Like Dasiyem, Katemi doesn't have a birth certificate.

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