Original and duplicate content

Posted by David Khoirul
Despite mobile blogging, originality is my main priority. I try not to make an exact copy of other writings from other websites. If you, however, find some articles here resemble other articles in weblogs or news sites like The Jakarta Post or The New York Times, then I didn't exactly copy their contents; I just quoted them -- something that Fatih Syuhud and Budi Putra, two professional bloggers, also do in their blogs. At least I make an introductory paragraph using my own words. Very often, I also give the links from which the full articles can be read, or if I get lazy, I only mention the name of the source, e.g., detikcom and Jawa Pos.

Google, the king of the internet and the search engine giant, doesn't like websites/blogs that have "duplicate contents," contents that are merely a product of copy-paste. Google regards it as a bad-reputed site. As to Search Engine Results Page (SERP), Google ranks such sites in very bad position or even makes them disappear from the search engine spider's crawl. So don't be surprised if suddenly you can't find your duplicate-content site.

Mobile blogger Ahmad Jhony is one of those Indonesian bloggers who prioritize original contents, rewriting news articles that he reads in Detikcom. Jhony updates his blog 100% from a cell phone, Nokia 5300. For him, blogging is not just a matter of how to impress readers with his writings but how to express himself through his own works.

The question now is: Do you still publish articles that you copy from other websites and you don't mention the source nor put links?


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