Posted by David Khoirul
Are you bored of Facebook? Wanna try another social networking site? Why don't you join Muxlim?

Anish Shela, a 13-year-old Vietnamese friend, introduced me to Muxlim as we chatted on MXit yesterday. She said a lot of Vietnamese people used the site for chatting, blogging and communicating among Moslem brothers and sisters. Curious, I registered this morning.

The name muxlim, which is pronunced almost the same way as Muslim, really attracted me before I finally knew that it surely was a social networking site for Muslims. You, muslim brothers, may use it as an alternative after Facebook.

Muxlim has members from over 190 countries. The website front page says it is the "world's largest Muslim lifestyle and the company's flagship social media service combining interactive video, audio, blogs, polls and images." Based in Helsinki, Finland, and developed by an Egyptian in 2006, the Moslem social networking is more suitable for those people living in Indonesia, which is the largest Islamic country.

Unfortunately, Muxlim doesn't have its mobile version. It charges me four to six kilobytes for a single page with no image turned on from Opera Mini and I guess it's quite light -- at least for mobile internet users and bloggers like me -- despite its dark background.

Go to to sign up.

Who knows Indonesia will rank the first place in Muxlim, just like what it has done to Twitter and Facebook -- which are being dominated by this Majapahit country, after US and UK.


  1. pengen coba.... tp gak ada versi mobile, boros dong... -_-'

  2. Thanks for the post. Muxlim is actually based in Helsinki, Finland and started operation in 2006 by an Egyptian entrepreneur. We have recently signed an exclusive agreement with Nokia to provide Muslim Lifestyle contents through a special app on the newer models phones. So watch out for those:)
    Fahmi | Social Media & Content Manager @ Muxlim Inc.

  3. Thanks, Fahmi, for correcting me and for reading my blog. I've updated this post. It's an honour to have you here leaving a comment on this blog.

    Sorry for the mistake. Cheers!