MUI will not ban Facebook despite prophet caricatures

Posted by David Khoirul
Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) says that they will not ban the biggest social networking site Facebook due to the appearance of images of the prophet in a Facebook group.

"Facebook is just a medium. It is neutral. It is the content that should be banned," said MUI's Amidhan as quoted by Detikcom on Thursday.

MUI insists that the government soon stop the growth of such insults to the religion in online media and social networking sites. "We hope that the goverment can stop this crime because it is incompatible with our faith," said Amidhan.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, a group supposedly created by an American, is holding a drawing contest today (May 20) portraying the images of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. This triggers protests among Moslems. The Minister of Communication and Information, Tifatul Sembiring, has sent a letter to Facebook administrators, urging that they close the group.


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