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Merantau film Iko Uwais QornyMerantau is an Indonesian action movie which features Pencak Silat, a style of martial art originated from Sumatra and Java. Directed by English film director Gareth Evans, Merantau is starring Uwais Qorny. The movie was launched on August 6, 2009.

The 135-minute movie depicts the culture of Minangkabau, West Sumatera, where a man, especially when he reaches the age of 21, must leave his home to make his way in life.

Yuda (Uwais Qorny), who is a silat harimau master, goes to the capital city of Jakarta, leaving his mother Wulan (Christine Hakim) and his brother Yayan (Donny Alamsyah). He meets orphan boy Adit (Yusuf Aulia) and his sister Astri (Sisca Jessica). Astri is the victim of human trafficking done by a European man, and is under the pressure of Johny (Alex Abbad), a pimp that helps the European boss gain Jakartan girls.

To help Astri get out of the trafficking, Yudha fights Johnny and his buddies, and this leads to the death of Yuda when he is in the battle.

Featuring silat harimau, a Sumateran fighting style, Merantau is absolutely the best Indonesian martial art movie. Uwais Qorny, also known as Iko Uwais, is an athlete of Pencak Silat, and has several times won the Pencak Silat competitions in DKI Jakarta. He's been abroad to join Pencak Silat Exhibition in England and Russia.

Uwais Qorny
Sisca Jessica
Christine Hakim
Donny Alamsyah
Yusuf Aulia
Laurent Buson
Alex Abbad
Mads Koudel
Ratu Galih
Yayan Ruhian


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