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Yesterday my sister Diana came home from her boarding school in Paciran. She brought me a school magazine called Liberma, standing for Lintas Berita Madrasah Aliyah Al-Ishlah (News of Al-Ishlah High School). The magazine is published only every vacation. Students in grade 10-12 of Ponpes Al-Ishlah, a pesantren in the village of Sendangagung, write the content of the magazine, and the best work in each edition may be rewarded.

Badan Eksekutif Siswa Madrasah Aliyah Al-Ishlah (BESMA), which is a student organization at the pesantren, manages the publishing of the magazine written in Bahasa Indonesia and English and Arabic, three languages that both students and teachers must use as their daily communication in boarding house and in the class. All students are allowed to contribute their writings to the magazine and teachers sometimes help write an article or two.

To be honest, never have I seen before a school, based in a poor village, applies a strict rule of English and publishes a magazine like Al-Ishlah. This is really awe-inspiring.

Liberma is lead by M Husnaini and managed by a committee where Mutmainah is the chief editor. Other editorial staff includes Athiful Khoiri, A Afwan Yazid, Muafa Rosyad, Ahmad Vawaid Sulthon, Mimain Dafiq Waskito Wibowo, Priyo Budi Lutfiyanto, Titin Faridatul Khoir, Suaibatul Aslamiyah, Humairoh Syehan, Najizul Ma'rufah, Alifiyatur Rohmah, Amirah Miftakhul Jannah, and Ana Sri Zunifa Sari. Imaduddin, a teacher, serves as a photographer.

Writing contribution to Liberma can be emailed to libermalisha[at]


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