Indonesian actress runs away from home

Posted by David Khoirul
Arumi Bachsin, an Indonesian teen model and actress, ran away from home and went to the National Commission for Child Protection (KOMNAS HAM) at 3 am last week. The 16-year-old said she'd been exploited by her parents.

"Arumi ran away because she felt that her talent was being exploited by her mother," said commission's secretary general Arist Merdeka Sirait.

Mariana Lilian Pesch, Arumi's mother, is said to have signed contracts without telling the teen soap opera actress.

"She's objecting to the contracts being signed without her knowledge. There are also problems with friends and relationships," said Arist.

A Jakarta tabloid even wrote that her mother tortured and inhibited her freedom, something which caused Arumi to run away.

However, Arumi's sister Alila said that her mother had never done any form of torture to all her children, including Arumi, and that Arumi's running away was possibly influenced by somebody else. Miller, a Malaysian-born actor who's supposedly to be Arumi's boyfriend, is suspected to ask her to leave the house. Both Arumi and Miller play in the same soap opera called "Dia Bukan Anakku."

Munola Sebayang, the family lawyer, said Arumi changed a lot. "It is not Arumi whom the family and I know. There must be a person who is responsible for this, a person who motivated her to run away," said Sebayang as quoted by RCTI's Silet.

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