How to tell Google not to follow a link

Posted by David Khoirul
The more links you get, the better performance your website has. Link is the lifeblood of a web page and has become one of the major search engine ranking factors, especially in Google. Ever heard of Google PageRank? The value of your Google PageRank, or PR, is determined by the number of links pointing to your website.

However, not all links are high quality links. Some links have low quality and give little influence to your website. And there are even those links that are not counted at all by search engines because they contain nofollow attributes, meaning that this kind of link informs Google it doesn't need to be counted.

Links that are not counted are usually links in a comment section. Many weblogs, including Blogspot and WordPress, add nofollow attributes to the comment links by default, so search engine will give no value to those links. It is suggested that a website should minimize its external links, which point to other websites. If you keep adding external links, especially links that are not important, you may have a big risk of losing the Google PR, since Google often thinks that you sell links in your website, and as a result, your website performance in search engine page will be bad, or, the worst, you'll be put into Google sandbox.

Here is a simple step to tell Google that your links should not be counted. I do it often when I quote a sentence or paragraph from other websites like The Jakarta Post, or when I have to include their links in my blog. See, I just did it, telling Google not to follow The Jakarta Post.

Since this nofollow attribution is done using html codes, you will probably need to know the basic html language and you need to turn on the html mode once you access your New Post page on your WordPress dashboard. Press the link button just above the Title box. You'll get this code:

<a href="">TEXT</a>

The above codes, when being previewed, will turn to be the word TEXT linking to, and will be followed by Google. To inform Google not to follow that link, add a nofollow attribute:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">TEXT</a>

You're done!

Wikipedia adds that nofollow attribute to all its external links. No wonder Google rewards that online encyclopedia website with PR8 and make it the most respected reference in the internet.

Happy blogging, everyone!

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