Google will begin selling digital books

Posted by David Khoirul
The giant internet search technologies corporation Google inc. will start launching its digital books by the end of July this year, spokesman said Tuesday. People will be able to read the books on any internet connected device, including Apple's iPad tablet computer.

Here is a news article from CNNMoney:

The launch, which was first reported in The New Yorker last month, means Google will join a rapidly growing battle for the e-book market.'s Kindle store jumped into an early lead, but Barnes & Noble poses a challenge with its online store for its Nook e-reader, and Apple recently launched the iBookstore for its wildly popular iPad.

But with its new service, which is to be called Google Editions, Google has its sights set beyond just its own tablet.

Unlike some of its rivals, Google plans to allow its digital books to be read on any device. forces publishers to package books in a special, only-for-Kindle format, so users need to have a Kindle or a Kindle app on a competitor's device to read from their Amazon library. Apple has embraced the so-called Epub industry standard, but its books are locked so they can only be read on Apple devices or through its custom software.

So, are you interested in this Google new product?


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