Fatih, a child healer from Bogor

Posted by David Khoirul
Fatih Alkhalifah Alifio, a 3-year-old boy from Bogor, West Java, now becomes popular. People, including those from remote areas, come every day to his house in Perum Pesona Ciputat Blok C 12, Sukaraja, Bogor, to find recovery from their illness. At least 10 patients come every single day.

Unlike Jombang child healer Ponari who uses a stone to cure people, Fatih uses his fingers to heal the patients, and, sometimes, Fatih refuses to get paid. "Fatih sometimes refuses to receive the money. He asks me to donate it to an orphanage," Irma Prihanti, Fatih's mother, said as quoted by detikcom Thursday.

According to Prihanti, Fatih has possessed the ability to heal people since three days ago when, on Friday morning, she saw Fatih's index finger gleaming. Fatih then asked for water. He dipped his fingers in the water and got his elder sister Anisha, who had a fever, to drink it. Anisha recovered a few minutes after.


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