Bulletin Al-Ikhlash

Posted by David Khoirul
Islamic bulletins spread around the villages of Blimbing, Jompong and Dengok, in Paciran district, East Java, every Friday.    People get benefits from it. They can either read the articles or contribute their works to get published in the bulletin.

Al-Ikhlash -- being one of the most popular bulletins in both Paciran and Brondong districts, in addition to Suara Masjid -- publishes at least 400 copies and scatters them every Friday afternoon in some major mosques so that people, who perform Friday prayer or shalat Jum'at, can bring them home and read.

The management, including the publishing, of Al-Ikhlash Islamic bulletin is done under Media Dakwah Ahlussunnah (MDA), an Islamic organization based in Masjid Al Ikhlash, Sedayulawas.

Islamic scholar Khoirul Abu Yasir is in charge of the bulletin, including the editing. The bulletin layout is designed by Abu Asya Al Manshuri and written by the bulletin staff members such as Ridwan Tandjung, Khusnul Mubin and Rouful Latif.

Al-Ikhlash talks about the principal knowledge of Islam like riba and syirik, which is a very good way to let people know more about the basic things in Islam. Yesterday, I read the bulletin for the first time. I found it interesting to read an article about Riba and if I may suggest, the topics of the articles should not just be limited to Islam in general, but could also be about Islam in a more specific discussion, e.g., how fishermen in Blimbing are trapped by syirik and Riba. It will be more interesting.

The bulletion also needs to have its weblog, email, and, if necessary, Facebook page. It can help readers or villagers communicate their thoughts, comment on the articles, contribute their works, and send ideas or suggestions to the bulletin so it can grow better in the future.


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