Blogging amidst my busy days

Posted by David Khoirul
I always try to write at least one blog post every day. Usually I blog in the morning after Shubuh time or at 5 'o clock in the morning before I start my day. News and technologies are my favorite topics.

Yesterday, when I was busy preparing the general election of the Lamongan regent, which kept me outside during the day, I still had a time to update my blog. It was, again, after Shubuh. Even before my mom asked me to have breakfast or a bath, I had already finished a single article for this weblog.

My mobile blogger friend Jhony asked me early at 6 am before we started our program at our voting place in TPS 01 yesterday morning whether I had breakfast and I said, "No. I don't need to have breakfast. My breakfast is my blog."


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