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Paciran is one of the biggest districts located in the regency of Lamongan, East Java. Situated in the North coast of East Java, Paciran has many tourist attractions and pesantrens. If you go to the village, you can visit a number of tourist attractions such as Wisata Bahari Lamongan, Goa Maharani, Makam Sunan Drajat and Van Der Wijck monument. The pesantrens include Pondok Pesantren Al-Ishlah in the village of Sendangagung, Ponpes Karang Asem, and Pondok Modern in the village of Paciran, where members of Islamic organisation of Muhammadiyah prefer to study. No wonder Paciran is known as desa santri or the village of Islamic students.

With the population of 77,978, Paciran district has 17 villages, including Blimbing, Dengok, Brondong, Jompong and Sedayulawas.

Paciran is surrounded by:
  1. Northern side: Java sea
  2. Eastern side: Panceng district
  3. Southern side: Solokuro district
  4. Western side: Brondong district


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