MXit errors

Posted by David Khoirul
Be more careful to use MXit, a South Africa-based chat application. Now whenever you fail to login to your MXit account, the application can no longer be opened, leaving you with only a MXit wallpaper on it. It happened to me last night.

As my indosat GPRS connection went bad, I had a problem logging in to my account. I waited for more than 4 minutes before my application showed a notification saying that my login process had failed due to the internet connection error. As usual, I tried to relogin. After I closed the application, I reopened it and waited, but it showed a constant screen displaying a MXit wallpaper, and not directly brought me to the login page. Gosh. MXit really irritated me. The only solution was that I had to go to and reinstalled this Java J2ME-based application.

My MXit, 5.3.0 version, is the only version that supports my phone, Nokia 6020. I've used MXit since February last year. In addition to Yahoo, MSN and GTalk, MXit connects to Facebook, the most popular social networking site right now. It has online chatrooms called Chat Zones, which are occupied mostly by Indonesians and South Africans. One of the most popular rooms in MXit Zone is "Globe Zone," with more than 40 active rooms in it. A large number of Indonesians chat there every day.

In South Africa, MXit has infected young and adult people, changing their proper English writing to an alien language. MXitionary, a dictionary of MXit, was created to help MXiters find the meaning of MXit words, such as hud, wud, wbu and so on. This way of writing also occurs in school exams. Very sad!

However, MXit can also help us communicate with friends or colleagues overseas with low data exchange and cost, even from an old cell phone like my Nokia6020. This is my favourite -- thanks, MXit.

My suggestion: If you don't want to reinstall your MXit, make sure your internet/GPRS connection is stable before you decide to log in. Don't press the red button on your phone. Instead, select log out if you want to close the application. Pressing the red button may cause your MXit to undergo an error and, as a result, you have to reinstall it, or you'll see the stupid constant screen.

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  1. hw cn u chat wif ppl overseas usin mxit?