More than 5,000 students in Jakarta failed in National Exams

Posted by David Khoirul
"Failure is the most painful torture," says an old Javanese proverb, and this is what happens to students in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. More than 5,000 Jakartans flunked the national examination. Here's the report:

A statement posted on the ministry’s Web site, said of the 59,697 students who took the test, just 54,271 passed, or 91 percent of the total.

By way of comparison, of the 25,562 students from Bali who took the exam, 24,860 passed, or 97 percent of the total.

The national exams — sat by 2.2 million students this year — are typically riddled with corruption and widespread cheating. There are suggestions that Jakarta’s low pass rate was based on a tightening of monitoring, giving students and their teachers less chances to defraud the system.

Some schools on Monday were announcing their exam results on Web sites — using examination enrolment numbers, not personal names — in an effort to prevents convoys of students descending on the schools and destroying their school uniforms by spraying or painting themselves with graffiti.


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