Installing plugin from cellphone

Posted by David Khoirul
Do you have a self-hosted wordpress blog? You can't deny the fact that it needs, once in while, installing plugins or themes. And it's easy to do via PC. But what if you don't have PC nor laptop? You are just a mobile blogger who blog from a mobile phone.

I have the answer. I will tell you how I install my wordpress plugins and themes from my Nokia 6020:

First, you need a mobile browser application. You can download Opera Mini -- I suggest you this one -- or UCweb. If your phone has a powerful internet browser like that of blackberry, you can use it as well.

To install plugins, themes and other files to your blog, all you need to do is log in to your FTP server. You can usually do it with your PC. Some FTP softwares like CuteFTP can be used to access your ftp account via PC. But on mobile phone, it can't.

Fortunately, there are two good solutions for you to login to your ftp account or to upload plugins via mobile phone: online FTP and WP Easy Uploader.

You access your account via certain sites. One of the most popular ftp online sites is It's big though. Your access will require more data and charge you more airtime. If you want to have a smaller site that can suit your mobile browser, then try Rowap. I use it a lot to manage files in this blog. I also often use that online ftp site to install wordpress plugins and themes. That's the first solution.

The second solution is that you can use WP Easy Uploader. But first, you have to do a manual installation of WP Easy Uploader plugin to your blog using the above-mentioned online FTP sites. WP Easy Uploader speeds up your file uploading. You don't have to download a file before you upload it; you just copy the direct file url to get it uploaded to your site. Additionally, it can do automatic extraction. It works very effectively especially when you need to install a big plugin or theme, which is a zip file.

By doing these two ways of installation -- FTP online and WP Easy Uploader -- you, mobile blogger, don't need to go to a warnet (internet booth) or borrow a friend's laptop to manage your blog. Your phone can work the same way. Happy blogging!


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