How to set up Yahoo! mail account on Nokia cellphon

Posted by David Khoirul
Having an email account set up on mobile phone will help you manage and update your blogs. You can, for instance, make use of the post-via-email feature to send your blog post right from your phone so you don't need to open your internet browser or login to the blog dashboard. Writing a post can be as easy as typing an SMS.

Here are the simple steps to set up Yahoo! mail account on Nokia phone. Different phones may have different settings. Make sure that you use Nokia phone and just in case your Nokia doesn't have the options as being written here, you can find another option that has the same function.

Fist of all, go to Settings > Configuration Settings > Personal Configuration Settings > Add New.
Then select E-mail

Once you're done with that, fill out the following data

  1. Account Name: Yahoo

  2. My Name: Your Name

  3. Email Address: your complete email address (e.g.,

  4. SMTP Username: krobok (don't type the complete email)

  5. SMTP Password: your email password

  6. SMTP Server:

  7. SMTP Port: 587

  8. Incoming Server Type: IMAP4

  9. IMAP4 username: krobok

  10. IMAP Password: your email password

  11. IMAP4 server:

  12. IMAP Port: 143


If you find other additional options in the email settings, just leave them empty.

To start checking incoming mails in the inbox or to compose a new email, go to Messaging > E-mail.

Happy blogging, everyone!


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