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Posted by David Khoirul
A few weeks ago, Johny, a mobile blogger from Blimbing, asked me via SMS as to how I could send blog posts via email on my blogger [also known as blogspot] blog. I replied his SMS, showing him how to do it, which is actually very easy. After reading my message, Jhony signed in to his blog. Then he configured his Email setting right away. He tested it by sending an email containing subject [as the title of the post] and content [as the content of the post]. Yes, successful!

Since then, he has always published his posts via email on his Nokia 5300. I can even say that he writes all of his articles at via email.

Now I'll show you, readers, how to do it.

First, you need an email account -- I'm sure you have it. Then, you need, of course, an account at or you can also use your Google account like gmail to create a blogspot blog.

Login to your blogspot dashboard. Select Settings. Now a new page, a setting page, appears. In the setting page, click Email & Mobile. Scroll down the page and find the Posting Options, Email Posting Address (also known as Mail2Blogger). Fill in the box with your secret word, for instance: kucrut.

See the preceding word, the word before your secret word. Supposing that it is davidkhoirul, and your secret word is kucrut, then your email posting address is (Of course you must not use the word kucrut as your secret word. Change it).

Don't forget to tick Publish emails immediately. It will let the posts you send via email to your secret address get published once the sending is successful. Or you can select Save emails as draft posts. By ticking this option, your posts via email won't be published immediately in your blog. Instead, it is saved as a draft for further revision. As for me, I tick the second option where I can edit and preview my post before I publish them in the homepage.

When you're done, click Save.

Remember not to share that secret address, your Mail2Blogger address, to anyone else or your blog will publish unwanted posts that are sent by someone else.

If you're like me, a mobile blogger, you can send the email right from your phone, from the email menu. Don't know how to set it up? Read my previous post: How to set up Yahoo! Mail account on Nokia cellphone. This is a standard setting and may work in other phones, including Sony Ericsson and Motorola.


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